Lifestyle Design Part 2: A Framework For Happiness – Episode 13

Episode 13

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Designing a lifestyle you love is the key to happiness, but how do you do it? Is there a “recipe” for happiness and lifestyle freedom? Is there a “rinse and repeat” framework for this?

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of The Growth Booth Podcast, a show focused on supporting budding entrepreneurs and established business owners alike, towards achieving lifestyle freedom through building successful online businesses.

In the second episode of our two-part series with Steve Clayton, we tackle how he designed five important aspects of his life to come up with a “standard operating procedure” for achieving genuine happiness. You’ll learn about assessing your current lifestyle and getting out of “autopilot”, which all starts with ONE simple question…

Podcast: Download (Duration 22:43 / 21.1MB)


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:12 – The Happiness Question
  • 04:10 – Designing Happiness Around Five Essential Life Aspects 
  • 07:01 – Rebalancing Your Designed Lifestyle
  • 10:38 – Where To Start?
  • 15:02 – Scheduling Goals
  • 17:22 – Planning Around Strengths And Weaknesses
  • 19:31 – Outro

About Our Host:

Aidan Booth is passionate about lifestyle freedom and has focused on building online businesses to achieve this since 2005. From affiliate marketing to eCommerce, small business marketing to SAAS (software as a service), online education to speaking at seminars, the journey has been a rollercoaster ride with plenty of thrills along the way. Aidan is proud to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs earn their first dollar online, and coached many people to build million-dollar businesses. Aidan and his business partner (Steven Clayton) are the #1 ranked vendors on, and sell their products in over 100 countries globally, as well as in 20,000+ stores across the USA, to generate 8-figures annually.

Away from the online world, Aidan is a proud Dad of two young kids, an avid investor, a swimming enthusiast, and a nomadic traveler.

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