Ep 55 10 Simple Steps Towards Building A Foundation For Your Success

10 Simple Steps Towards Building A Foundation For Your Success – Episode 55

Episode 55

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Is your head in the game this 2023?

This week, Aidan shares his simple steps on how to get into the right frame of mind as you navigate into 2023 with fresh goals and aspirations. Learn how you can build a foundation for your success by starting with the most important aspect: mindset.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:09 Common Traits of Successful People
  • 06:53 A Very Vivid Vision
  • 09:09 The WHY
  • 10:19 Defining Goals
  • 12:10 Getting Real Progress
  • 18:37 Losing Momentum
  • 20:49 Outro

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About Our Host:

Aidan Booth is passionate about lifestyle freedom and has focused on building online businesses to achieve this since 2005. From affiliate marketing to eCommerce, small business marketing to SAAS (software as a service), online education to speaking at seminars, the journey has been a rollercoaster ride with plenty of thrills along the way. Aidan is proud to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs earn their first dollar online, and coached many people to build million-dollar businesses. Aidan and his business partner (Steven Clayton) are the #1 ranked vendors on Clickbank.com, and sell their products in over 100 countries globally, as well as in 20,000+ stores across the USA, to generate 8-figures annually.

Away from the online world, Aidan is a proud Dad of two young kids, an avid investor, a swimming enthusiast, and a nomadic traveler.

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